Youtube Go App Launched for India in Demo version

As part of its Google for India campaign, last year in September, Google had announced that it will be building a new YouTube app called “YouTube Go” they gave the app a tagline, which read, “Ab Mazze udao, data nahin!”,.The app has been built from ground up for the Indian market,YouTube Go was designed with developing countries in mind that have less access to the internet. To assist users in watching videos from their favorite channels, the app allows videos to be downloaded overnight. The app also allows users to pick and choose different resolutions to save videos in and control their data usage. 

And now Youtube India lunch Youtube Go beta Version. Youtube Go an install size of 6.77 MB, and app size of 8.5 MB and runs on Android Jellybean 4.1 and above. Onece the app is installed, users need to perform basic setup such as language and location preferences. Youtube Go app save and manages data in more than one ways, letting users preview Youtube videos from the thumbnail and giving different download size options for HD and SD quality videos. Once downloaded, offline video can be accessed from ‘Saved’ column in the app.

YouTube Go app is divided into two tabs, one is the Home Tab, which is the default tab and one more tab SAVED Tab .

When you move over to the Saved tab you will notice that you can also share the stored YouTube videos with other people via Wi-Fi Direct.



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