How to Stream Videos from Phone to PC

How to Stream Videos from Phone to PC

You Want to play videos from your computer on your Android, without the hassle of copying them to your device’s internal storage? Share a folder over the network with Windows. You can copy files back and forth over Wi-Fi, too.

If You Watching movies from your Bed , unfortunately being a music lover, most of my phone’s storage is filled with music. Which is why most of the time I don’t have enough storage left on my Android phone to copy even a few movies .And your phone is not capable to Some big Storage.

I just stream them off my PC’s hard disk over my WiFi connection and watch them on my Android phone. Believe me it’s as simple as i say and you only need to set it up once and after that, at anytime you can stream off your favorite videos and music on your android phone from your PC .Therefore you need to install Es File Explorer and you follow some step on your pc.

Follow some step In Your PC :-

Step 1. Select the file, go to the Propetiesa and you need to the sharing tab.

Step 2. Now click Advance Sharing.

Step 3. And then Share This Folder.Conform to Apply and Ok.

Step 3. And if you want to give him Full Permission click on the Full Control.

It’s done for PC.Then Download and Install ES File Explorer App on your Android device and open the app.Next step go to the LAN under the Network and scan it.

Enter the Username and Password.


Then you see your share folder and use it.

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