How to Make your Android Phone Look Like iPhone iOS 10 [NO ROOT]


Android and iOS are the best Operating system for the Mobile Phone right now.They have their own charm and features.Some people things Android  is great and other have sweet corner for  iOS. Some people like me they have a Android Phone and they wanted to Buy a iPhone for the great’s looks and customization but they cannot buy a iPhone for their great price.And These people believe both are amazing, and they want to join customization of Android and iPhone look in one package.

The best feature of an Android Smartphone is its gives the power of full customization of its Interface as per the the user’s interest.You can make your Android Phone look like iphone IOS or you can add new features of other smartphones in any android phone.To make Android look a like iPhone(iOS 10)  you need to download just one application.

Follow some step:-
  1. You Need To Download OS10 Launcher HD-smart.
  2. install and open it.
  3. Torn out the the four highlighted page and enter.
  4. If you want to use as a default Launcher then click ok.

And then It’s done.Your Android phone Became change to iOS for great’s looks and customization and if you want to more customize your phone then follow us.If you double tape any particular apps then hole screen get blare without the apps icon and hear you change the apps name or go to the apps details directly.If you want to hide a apps for the more security resin Go to OS Setting > Hide Apps > select apps,click on slider and then done for Hide.If you want change Main Menu column and row go to the OS Setting > Personalization  then you change column and row number.And if you want to change slider effect then you go to OS Setting > Personalization > Sliding Effect. Their are bunch of effect choose one of then and save it.

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