how to Share Airtel 3G/4G Internet Data Balance

Hi Guys, we are back with another tricks for Airtel user.  After reading the full article, you can share your airtel 3G/4G Internet data balance to other Airtel mobile number. If you want you can can share your data to another airtel number by two ways. You can share airtel data by MyAirtel App and other many way.

How to Share Airtel 3G/4G Data

Most of the time we want to share the internet with our friends and families, that’s why Airtel launched this service. With the help of this airtel service, you can easily able to share your 3G/4G internet data balance to your friend’s and family number. But make sure that they should also have Airtel SIM.

Bharti Airtel launched its new feature of sharing or transfer Airtel 3G/4G Data balance. The company said you can share unlimited data usage with your friends and families.

Share/Transfer your 3G/4G data with My Airtel App

This tricks is for the smart phone user. So if you use Smart Device you can use this simple tricks.  As you know, the small internet pack cost much compare to the big internet pack. So some people can recharge big internet pack by collection money & share data with each other. This service, will work for you in 3G/4G or in 2G mode.

  • At first you need to Download My Airtel App on your device.
  • Now Signup account and verify otp with your Airtel mobile number.
  • Now open the app and visit Family Share option.

  • You can add the family member from the app.
  • Make sure your data pack balance is available.
  • Now select the family and share the data.

Transfer your 3G/4G Data with your Family & Friends

  1. First of all, send a message “SHARE” to 121 
  2. You will receive a message like “Now share your 3G/4G balance with any 4 members”
  3. To VIEW your family, SMS VIEW to 121.
  4. Now Add family member number in the list. Where you want to send your 3G balance
  5. To ADD another member: SMS ADD<space><10 digit mobile no> to 121
  6. When you will Add family member in the list, then you will receive a confirmation message
  7. To DELETE a member, SMS DEL<space><10 digit mobile no> to 121
  8. Then you will receive a confirmation message like this.
  9. The following are the members of your My airtel family and your member contact number will display.

Now your friend can use your data balance, simply enable data and surf internet. You can’t share any specific amount of data with your friend. If you are still facing an issue for how to share airtel data, you can call on Airtel customer care number.

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