How To Root Xiaomi Redmi Android Phones Without PC

How To Root Xiaomi Redmi Android Phones With or Without PC : Welcome to Smart Tricky. To we are discuss about how to root any Xiaomi Redmi Series phone with out PC.  

Xiaomi Phones or Redmi Series come with MIUI which is its stock Custom ROM. Sometimes you might feel that rooting an Android phone is not an easy task to do.  Here’s I will show you how we can easily root your any Redmi  smartphone using a simple Android app with no PC.

What is Rooting ?

Before we begin, we should know what rooting and why should root your android phone. Rooting is a process of that allows you to access your smartphone function deeply. If you’ve been using Android for a while, you’ve probably noticed gaining root access on most devices is much harder. 

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Before starting the rooting process create a backup of your phone, you will not lose any data from your phone by rooting, but it is better to create a backup for safety.

How to check your Android Device Rooted or not ?

To Know your Android Phone is Rooted or Non-Rooted ?

That’s while you need to one apps called Root Check .

Next step you need to do install and open it.Then open it and click on Root check Button.

You can Root  Xiaomi Redmi Android Phones

Their are some Radmi  series Phone list, you can perfectly root those phone in this tricks. If your handset model is on the list you can try this tricks. But your handset name is not listed in this list, then it doesn’t mean that your Xiaomi handset can’t be rooted. Those phone has other Process.

How To Root Xiaomi Redmi Android Phones With or Without PC

First download the  Super SU zip file. Store this file on your external memory. Then get a recovery for your device. There are recoveries available for every Xiaomi device.

Extract the recovery file (.img) from the recovery that you had downloaded for your device. Then move the .img file to MiPhone\Google\Android folder which is in the Xiaomi folder on the C drive. Rename this file as ‘recovery.img.’

After these steps, the basic procedures are executed. Now you just need to initiate the system for which you need to shutdown your device at first. Then enter the fast boot mode which is done by pressing the volume down and power button simultaneously. Hold it until you see this image. If you don’t see any image for quite a time, then release the buttons and retry till you see this image. “Root Redmi Phones”

Open the folder where you had saved the recovery file on your C drive. Right click here and select open command option.

Type ‘fastboot devices‘ and press enter key. Then, type ‘fastboot boot recovery.img.’

Once all the above steps are properly executed you will enter the recovery mode. Install the Super SU from here and swipe the button below and Super SU will be flashed.

After these steps, you will have access to all the root apps for your device

Second Process for Root Access: 

How to Root Radmi Smart Phone

The best apps that you can use in simple way that King Root which root your android devices without computer.But king root is also usable for computer.So if you have computer or PC then you try PC method also.

  • Download the King Root app.This apps available on Android and Windows.

             Download King Root

  • Go to the Official website and click on the free download.
  • After complete the download install it.
  • When install is done very-fay automatically. (Showing your Model Number and Android version)
  • Then press One Click Root. (You Need to internet connection for your device)
  • And wet for 5 minus.

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