how to make one name on facebook using mobile 2018

how to make one name on facebook using mobile 2018 : Welcome to my site, today’s article i am going to shier most important tricks how to make single name in facebook using android and google chrome.Here i will explain you step by step with mobile and computer.

Facebook account with a single name

Hide last name on facebook trading now days especially among the teenagers. Some people search for how to make single name facebook id or facebook profile like me.  As per facebook guideline, it is difficult to create a facebook account with a single name or without last name. But there are a smart tricks you have to follow the easy steps by step Guidelines and Create Single Name on Facebook Id with using Android Mobile and Computer.

How to Make Single Name on Facebook Account Using Mobile phone Browser

Their are bunch of people search on internet  how to make single name on facebook using Android mobile phone also how to hide facebook profile last name. Don’t worry guys you are on the right place, here you will get one of the best and simple tricks How to Make Single Name on facebook using your Android Mobile Phone. You might seen many people facebook profile id has single name, and its looks relay good. But now you want to create single name on your facabook profile id.

If you want to make single name on facebook using Android mobile phone follow the step by step.


  • First open the facebook from any browser.
  • Now log in with your user id and Password.
  • Then you need to download One Click VPN. You can download from the button.



  • After download the One Click VPN open it. Select the Indonesia ip from the list and press the Connect Button.(if you fetching any problem click three dot and change the server)
  • Then go to the browser where your facebook open, and click on the Settings & Privacy.
  • Go to the Language   > Show Facebook in Language .
  • After that change the Language as Bhasa Indonesia or Tamil .
  • Then go to theSettings & Privacy (Pengaturan Privasi) > Setting (Umam).
  • Then change your name as a single name  from your Android Mobile Phone.

  •   To change the name give your password,it will tack 2 sec then you can see your profile name as a single name.

How to Make one Name on Facebook using Mobile

If you want to using this tricks in your computer  for make single name in facebook. In this tricks i am using google chrome browser. You can remove the last name from your Facebook Profile & Create a single Name FB account with below Step by Step. Now Follow below Simple steps for change your Facebook Last name to hidden and enjoy the make single name in facebook using google chrome. This is the only simple tricks that you can use this tricks in 2 minutes.

If you want to make single name in facebook using google chrome then you follow the below step by step.


  • First of All Download And Install Chrome in your Pc, If you have already Installed Just ignore this step else,
  • Open the google chrome Browser and download the extension Geo proxy from the download button.


  •  Then click on add extension button.
  • It will tack some time for add the extension in your google chrome browser .
  • Go to the select tab and select Indonesia then Search after that you can see lots of IP Address and select one ip.

  • Then open the facebook from google Chrome.
  • Simply Login in your Facebook Account if you have not Logged in Previously.
  • Then Goto Facebook Settings and then simply click on Language Option, Now Simply Select the option of Bahasa Indonesia from the list.

  • After Successfully Change your Language From Facebook Account, Now Go Back to Setting (Umam) and click on General Account Settings and remove your Last Name from here, and Click on Review Changes (Tinjau Perudahan).
  • Then enter your password for confirmed.

Now it’s done for the tricks. Now you will not see Last Name from Facebook profile after following this tricks. If you fetching any problem regarding this tricks, you can comment down below.

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