how to hide wifi network from others and connect to hidden wifi

how to hide wifi network from others and connect to hidden wifi :  Welcome to Smart Tricky. To we are discuss about how to hide a wifi network and how to connect hidden wifi from android mobile.

Why Hide Your Wifi Network?

Your WiFi network shows your friends And neighbors  could ask You about Your WiFi Password in this situation we Should hide our wireless network. And the most simple way to hake anyone computer through wifi network. For the safety reasons many people want to hide there wifi network. If the hacker dose not know your wifi access point name, how they attack  your wifi network.

In this article, I’m going to show you step by step How can you hide your wireless network using Tp-link or Tenda router and how to connect hide WiFi network.


how to hide wifi network Tp-link or Tenda router

If you want hide your WiFi Network You need to change some setting in your WiFi routers Following some steps then you’ll be able to expert Hide Wireless Network.

  • First of all, go to the router back end for-while one a browser and then type your router’s IP address like Or (Default).
  • Then You will show you login popup box that will ask you your WiFi Router’s Username and Password. Most of the WiFi router’s user name and password by default like Username Admin and Password also Admin. If you change before then you should enter change user id and password.
  • After login successfully disable the SSID Broadcast option and note done the SSID name. ( You can see the option on picture for Tp-link and Tenda router )
  • Then save the setting and don’t forget to restart your WiFi router.
  • Now it’s done to hide wifi network.

How To Connect Hidden WiFi on Android Phone

  • First of all, you need to go your Smartphone‘s  then go to the WiFi setting. Click on Add WiFi Network Option of your smartphone screen

  • Then you will show Network Name (SSID), Security option, then Password box.

  • Put the your SSID and password, then click ok.
  • Now it’s done and you can see you connect to the hidden wifi.

If you have any problem to hide wifi network from others and connect to hidden wifi  On Android Phone  you can comment down below.

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