how to compress a large folder to a smaller size

how to compress a large folder to a smaller size :  First of all welcome to smarttricky . Guys to day’s topic is most important one. To day Article how to compress a large file to small size. This is one of the best way to store more data in your computer when your hard drive storage has been full. In this tricks i will explain you how to compress a big file to a small size.

How to compress JPEG or MP3 files ?

You should remember that there is no software that can compress highly compressed files which are already compressed. If you want to compress JPEG or MP3 files this is not possible because these files are already in a compressed format. In this tricks will work in raw media files and many other different formats.

In this tutorial i am using a  Software called FreeArc. This is a compression tool, Unlike WinRAR or Zip, this tool will give you the highest compression. This tool is now only available for 32-bit versions, so far, it will soon be available for 64-bit version and will also add some more features. After the compressed file your file will save as .arc format.

If you want to large files to a very small size, then follow some step:

  • Make sure the files you are trying to compress are not already in a compressed format like JPEG or MP4.
  • Make the compression in high.
  • Changed  the bit no 1gb to 4 gb.

how to compress a large folder to a smaller size


  • First Download and Install FreeArc tool on your pc.

Download Link 

  • After Installing FreeArc on your pc, right click on the file which you want to highly Compress.
  • Next, From the menu option, under FreeArc choose to “add to archive”.
  • Next, from the menu, you can choose different setting according to your needs.
  • Then Compression Menu, select the “compression level”.
  • Final, Click OK and that’s it the file will start to Highly Compress. It will take some time to finish, depending on your computers speed and file size.


If you fetching any problem regarding tricks you can comment me. And watch this video for help

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