How to call someone without showing your number (Private Number Or Unknown Number )

How to Make a Call Without Showing Your Phone Number : These days we can’t live without our mobile phone. Mobile phone is a very impotent part of our Daley Life. We can communicate  from any where any time.

Why we want to hide phone number (private call)

If you call anyone, your phone number is shared, because it will get displayed on their Phone.There can be many reasons why you may want to keep your number private. There are different ways to keep your number as a private number, although the effect might be temporary or permanent.

In this article i will show you different methods to hide your Phone number and you can use the one that fits your situation best.

Use to Block Caller ID

In most of the countries have hiding code. If you want to call some one without showing your number you can just enter a code at the start of the number which you like to call. This Hiding Code will be vary from Country  to Country. So, you want to find right hiding code to Block Caller Id.  In most countries the *67,  #37# and *37# work. But you need to cheek which code working for you. All you need to do add one code before the number ex. *679151122334.

Some Country people working this tricks from long time. But Now Days this tricks dose not work very Perfectly.

Use Phone’s Settings to Block Caller ID

Today most of the mobile phone comes with the Block caller id features. All phone seeings are different.

First of all you need to go to the seeings option.

Then go with the Advanced Settings Option.

Go to the Caller ID and then hide the caller ID of your sim.If you want to unhide you can also seeings.

Note : This tricks is not working perfectly for all time.If you want to work perfectly you need Government permission for the security reason.

Some useful Apps for Keep your number as Private Number

If you want to call from any random number or private number then you can use those kind of apps.This kind of apps very heal full and also those apps are free. In this time i am using primo. Primo is a FREE communications app that allows you to call and message family and friends around the world for free.

1 step: Go to pay store from your android device.

2 step: Search for the Primo apps.

3 step: Download and install the Primo apps.


4 step: After installing open the apps and create a account.

5 step: Give your phone number and verify your number though OTP, if you want to use for free(25 minus) .

6 step: But you want to earn more minus go to the rewards section Invite Friend(50 minus),Add Email Address(25 minus), Enter Profile Picture(25 minus) and many more Options Ex. watch video,click on ad.

Call Anyone Without Showing Your Number from Primo

7 step: Go to the call section from this apps.

8 step: Select your Country code and your number whom you like to call.

You can also use some other apps DingtoneTalkUiEvaphone.


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