How To Block Any Social Networking Websites on Windows or Mac

How To Block Any Social Networking Websites on Windows or Mac :  Welcome to Smart Tricky. Today we are discuss most important topic. I will explain about how to block any website on your PC or Computer.

Whenever We get free time from our work, study, etc. we just Sign-In to any Social Networking Sites especially on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. And we forget all about the office work or other work. This happens to me and many of us. How to remove out of this ?  I believe that it’s we can block Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social site from our computers then we can get over it.

Some time, I really feel sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social site are useful for connect friend.  Also many of you like those kind site for specially time pass.

Why anyone Block Any Social Networking Websites on PC

Why you need to Block Any Social Networking Sites on PC or Computer –

  • You run a institute, any you do not want to access Social Networking for student.
  • Keep children safe on the internet.
  • Your office staff do not waste time on Social Networking Sites.

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You can be blocked any websites permanently or temporarily according to your wish in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox etc. These websites can also be scheduled to get blocked and later get unblocked. The methods are quite simple.

How to block Any Social Networking Websites on windows or Mac Manually

You can block any website in your personal PC or Computer from a software. But in this case you need to buy the software. So i personally prefer to block any website in manually.  I’m sure you might not like the idea.  In the manual method need to changes to the ‘hosts’ file in your computer system, by using a notepad.

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First you need to find ‘hosts’ file in your computer system.

  • For XP/Vita and 7,8 the file is in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\
  • Linux, it is at /etc/hosts.
  • For Mac OS X, the file is at /private/etc/hosts

Double-click the file named “hosts” and select Notepad from the list of programs to open the file. Click OK. The last two lines of your hosts file should read “# localhost” and “# ::1 localhost.

Now put the website address for block the website. Like (for Facebook)

Now save the changes, and you will see that your computer won’t open Facebook when you try to access it.

For Windows 7, 8 and windows 10

Right-click the hosts file and go to the file properties and then move to the Security tab, select Users under Group or the user names and then select the ‘edit’ button. ‘Permission for Host Window’ will now open.

Select Users account and grant the permission in ‘Permission for SYSTEM’ by clicking all the checkboxes under ‘Allow’ Name and then press OK. Keep in mind that you are not to check any of the ‘Deny’ checkboxes you see.

And you can also block a website through a extension on google chrome called Pomodoro . Block all such sites like Facebook, Twitter and other site.

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If you have any problem  to how to block any social networking websites on windows or mac you can comment down below.

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