How to Connect WiFi Without Password in Android Mobile without Root

How to Connect wifi Without Password : Many people dally search in internet for how to connect wifi without password. But they are frustrated with the result. After reading the full article you can able to connect WiFi Without Password in Android Mobile. Android Tablets and Mobile Phones have the ability to connect to WiFi wireless networks. Accessing to the WiFi Network is one of the most common ways to connect to the Internet on your Android Phone. Internet Connection has become a major part of our daily life.

How to Connect WiFi Without Password in Android Mobile

Here is an awesome trick get connecting WiFi Network Without passwords. Suppose you are at your friend House and if you want to connect his WiFi, but you don’t know his Password how will be you connect WiFi. After reading the complete article, you will be able to connect WiFi without password. If you have forgotten your WiFi Password, you also use this tricks. You can connect WiFi without Password very easily without using any software, only using WPS.

What is WPS?

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup and it is a wireless networking standard that tries to make connections between a router and wireless devices faster and easier.

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If you want to connect WiFi Without Password So, you can connect WiFi using WPS mode. First of all, You’ll find where is WiFi router.After the finding WiFi Router you’ll find WPS/QSS BUTTON Most of The WiFi router’s WPS button have the back site.

Connect WiFi Without Password

Peace the  WPS/QSS BUTTON until the signaling  light bling.

Connect WiFi Without Password

How to Connect WiFi Without Password in Android Mobile without Root

After that you need to config your Android Phone/Tab. Go to the WiFi Settings. Click the three dot and go to the Advanced Tab.

Connect WiFi Without Password
Connect WiFi Without Password

Click on the WPS Push Button.

Connect WiFi Without Password

The connecting process will start then you’ll wait minimum one or two minutes.After the complete process, your WiFi Automatically will be Connect in Your Smartphone without the password.

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So friend,if you facing any problem How to Connect WiFi Without Password in Android Mobile without Root ,then you can watch my video in Youtube. If you like the video,do Subscribe my Channel for latest tech video.


How to Connect wifi without password in Laptop

If you want to same tricks use to on your laptop. Then you can also connect wifi without password from your laptop. Suppose you cheek-in a  hotel room there has a free wifi. But the administrator not hear to help you. Or let say you visit your friend place and you want to connect his wifi from your laptop, but no one remember the password. In both this cases if you access to the router, then you can connect wifi without password in laptop.

This one also same process like previous one for android. So i will again tall you how to do it in step by step.

Find the WPS Button on the main Router.


Tap on the WPS Button on that router until WPS signal bling.


After doing that come to your laptop. And you can see that network is open then connect it.

I hope the this article will help you to  Connect WiFi Without Password from Mobile and Laptop. If you face any problem regarding this tricks you can comment down below i will help you whiten one week.

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