Automatic Power ON/OFF in Xiaomi Redmi & Mi Phones MIUI 8/7/9

Automatic Power ON/OFF in Xiaomi Redmi Phone: Hello, welcome to Smart Tricky. Today we are discuss about Radmi phones power on/off function. With the help of this tricks you can easily Schedule power on/off function. This tricks will work all the Xiaomi Redmi phone.

A mobile phone is a portable telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency link while the user is moving within a telephone service area. After first public phone made by Martin Cooper. This time we every man has a Smartphone. The smartphone is a more powerful device like you personal computer.

Why  you need Auto power on/off function

This depend on person to person. We all spend so much time with our smartphones, tablets. As for the many report mobile phone radiation is a harmfully for the human body. Schedule power on/off in MIUI 7/8 in important for you if you are a too busy person. You always talk on your phone, even you might talk from bed while you are sleeping. But the phone call you can’t get proper sleep in night. You forgot to switch off your Xiaomi phone and your clients call in the night. Here Xiaomi gives a solution no need to power off manually. As a normal user, you can use the schedule power on/off function on your Redmi phone.

This tricks is work on all  Mi Phones that have MIUI 7,8 or 9. So follow the step by step to schedule power on/off in Xiaomi MIUI mobiles :-

1.  First take your Redmi Smartphone on your hand and go to the settings option.

2.  Then click on the Battery and after-that you can see Power option.

3.  Now tap on Battery saver. Then you can see Schedule time to switch between modes.

4. Here you set Power on time and power off time with repeat option.

After following the step by steps you can easily schedule power on/off in your Xiaomi mi mobile.

If you have any problem regarding your radmi smartphone Automatic Power ON/OFF function, you can comment down below.

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